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Gifts for Animal Lovers

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Buying gifts is never easy. Not knowing the likings and disliking of the recipients makes it very difficult to make the right choice. It is common to find gifts that have barely been opened to be tucked away in the attic and forgotten about. However, there is a twist to this scenario. If you know that you are buying a gift for a pet lover, all your worries are immediately laid to rest because you have a wide range of items to choose from. Any one of them when gifted will surely bring a smile to the face.

There are a number of gifting options here. First, you can buy one that has a direct bearing on a pet – feeding bowl, leashes, pet bags, water fountains or grooming gloves. The second category is one where the person will be reminded of an animal. Such gifts include floppies with dog or cat pictures printed on them or door mats in the same design. There are literally hundreds of items to choose from and picking a gift for an animal lover is perhaps the easiest thing in the world, more so if you know what pet the recipient is interested in.

Here are a few uncommon gift ideas for animal lovers that you can choose from.

Bubble window pet bags – Whichever way you might look at it, this is one gift that will surely delight the pet lover who simply cannot leave the house without taking the pet tow. The pet bag can accommodate a cat or a small dog and has a bubble window that enables it to see outside while being carried. The bag can be buckled into the car seat while driving or carried around like a backpack.

Double retractable leash – Most times when two dogs are taken out on leashes, the leashes get entangled and restrict movement of the pets till they are untwined and taken apart. No such problem for the animal lover when you gift the double retractable leash. The length of both leashes can be controlled by buttons so that the pet can be quickly moved away from passing cars or other vehicles.

Shedding gloves for grooming – This is really a wonderful gift idea more so because it can be used for grooming cats, dogs and even horses. Further the problem of dog and cat hair being scattered all around the house will be a thing of the past. The pet has to be taken outdoors and given a good rub down with the gloves on, taking all the loose hair off the body.

Travel dog water bottle – It is a very handy piece that can be carried anywhere. There is a small bowl that is fitted on top of the bottle. When the bottle is squeezed, the water flows on to the bowl for the dog. Very handy and is very useful too, especially when walking the dog.

These are some of the gifts that have a direct bearing on the upkeep and welfare of the animal. However, there are other types of gifts that will definitely tickle the senses of animal lovers in general. These are not to be used on animals but by the recipient of the gift only.

Furry iPhone case – A normal person will protect an iPhone with a cover usually in plastic. Not an animal lover though. Gift an iPhone cover made of soft synthetic rabbit fur designed to look like a small furry animal and watch the gleam of happiness in the eyes.

Winter mittens for kids – Gift a kid faux fur winter mittens shaped like a tiger’s paw. Not only will it be a unique gift, the pair has an attractive look too.

Look for such gifts online or at specialised pet stores and you will be spoilt for choice. One thing is very sure though. You cannot possibly go wrong when you gift such an item to an animal lover.

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