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Dazzling Jewellery – Especially crafted for Dog Lovers

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If you are a dog lover (more on the fanatical side than merely lover) it is not enough to always have your pet beside you. You will want to be reminded of it even when you are away from home. And what better way to do this than wear dazzling jewellery that reminds you of your pet at home every minute of the day. On one hand, well crafted jewellery adds a special appeal to your personality, on the other hand it establishes a certain closeness and bonding with your dog even when both of you are not together.

However, it is not necessary that you buy this type of jewellery only if you are a dog lover yourself. Explore this as a gift option too. Gift a sterling silver paw ring to a dog lover and see the eyes gleam with joy. You can be sure that it will be worn with pride everyday and not be dumped in a drawer or closet, the usual resting place for gifts.

Here are some of the options in jewellery that you can try, ones that are readily available off the shelves of specialised stores. You can also create a design and have it specifically made for you.

Sterling silver bone ring – It will definitely be a cherished addition to your existing jewellery collection. It is like any wedding band, only the top part is in the shape of a bone. Some are studded with small colourless diamonds to add a dash of aesthetic appeal. Silver bone rings can be matched with Dog Bone pendants or earrings.

Sterling silver paws toe ring – Remember your furry friend with this exquisite studded sterling silver paws toe ring. The band is dotted with paws shaped engravings with dazzling embedded stones. The edges are raised, grooved and polished to reflect light during movement. It has a great creative appeal and can be complemented with matching paw pendants and rings.

Gold band with a heart shape – You can fashion exclusive jewellery with your pet theme too and have them made exclusively for you. One of the common types is a gold band with a heart shaped piece on top on which you can have a paw engraved topped with a diamond. The size and carat of the diamond depends on the amount you want to splurge on the ring. For other ideas on rings and how you can customise them as per your requirements, browse the site of Australian Diamond Company, a leading store in the country for diamond jewellery.

Sterling silver/gold band with dog name – This is a simple design but one that will have a lasting emotional effect on you. Have a band designed with a flat top with the name of your pet engraved on it. This can be a surprise gift too provided you know the name of the pet. It is equally attractive both in sterling silver or gold.

Sterling silver/gold pendants – If you focus on pendants you will be spoilt for choice as the options are almost unlimited. You can choose to have paws engraved or have them in dog bone designs. The size and thickness of the pendants will depend on the type of chain they will be worn with. You can choose a small petite gold pendant to go with a simple gold chain or a chunkier version in sterling silver to match with a heavier silver chain. In both cases, you can be sure that you will exude the aura of a dog lover.

Get more info on this by browsing the various online stores offering dazzling jewellery for dog lovers. Buy one and wear it with pride for your furry bundle of happiness.

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